AWS Customers Mailing Address

Cloud computing is the next big break in data storage and retrieval. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest provider of on-demand cloud platforms. The AWS Customers Mailing Address by Technology Data Services is an all-inclusive email list of the users of AWS. Moreover, this mailing addresses contains the latest mailing details of users in a segmented manner. Such a list is extremely valuable to a marketer or broker looking to promote similar technologies to upcoming users. The segmentation has the added benefit of dividing the users as per their usage. Furthermore, the AWS Email List is also beneficial as a commodity that can be re-sold. The mailing list can be re-sold to other sellers of cloud technology.

What makes our AWS Customers Mailing Address result-driven?

The AWS Users Contact Lists is put together after a thorough research. The list has all the names and details of users of AWS and is also up-to-date. Furthermore, this email list is highly segmented as per the type of user and the service used. Such a division helps marketers and vendors target specific individuals with particular kinds of offers based solely on the user’s past usage. This helps in deducing the user’s preference. It should then come as no surprise then, that a product marketed after knowing a potential customer’s needs will definitely yield positive responses from the customers. This kind of target-oriented and result-driven marketing directed at the most desiring customers results in a greatly increased lead generation, lead conversion and eventually the ROI.

The data scientists at Technology Data Services conduct a broad survey and inquiry into market share, demographics, firmographics, potential markets, etc. to source all of the email lists. This meticulous approach ensures that our mailing lists are fully up-to-, verified and subject to appending


Characteristics of our mailing lists

  • Affordable
  • Data-rich
  • User-friendly
  • Well-segmented
  • Up-to-date

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